Castro sends invitation for partying.
(Actually, perhaps you understanding boot on door at 2am is same "invite" to Castro)
Regardless, rocking you like hurricane.

5-year plan:
TRUTH: Brazil is in Iron Curtain. They using the Linux.

History: This party is a follow-on to the prior "Sake Party" held at the same location. At that party everyone brought a bottle of sake and we hung out, mostly in the kitchen, and drank lots of different sakes. We stumbled out and got sushi. There you have it. It was, somehow, a shitload of fun. Anyway, Ben got a bottle of Latvian booze that was the inspiration for an "Eastern European Party" along the same lines. By the time we got around to planning we realized that Ben really likes the Caipirinha too, so we came up with a theme that would diversify our Eastern European holdings and squeeze Brazil in too. Ali (and Sarah) are actually out of town this weekend, so this is a Rick party, with their (well, at least Ali's) blessing. The other wrinkle is that Ben works until 11pm, so I promised him at least some of us would hold out on the drunk (though not the drink, nor the fun) for him to get there. So, it's not intended to be a 50-person throw-down, it's more of a 15-person (or rotating set of 23 over the course of the evening) hang out and have fun sort of party. RSVP accordingly, or simply show up in the appropriate mood.