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Welcome To James White's 50th Birthday Reverse-Surprise Party

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    N*I*F*T*Y ** S*C*H*W*I*F*T*Y ** L*O*O*K ** W*H*O*'*S ** F*I*F*T*Y!
                  JAMES WHITE IS TURNING 50
                  ON THORSDAY AUGUST 20 (20 (20))
    Did you get one of these?
    Do you `2202` much?
    Does this ring a bell?

    So, /turns out,
    James has decided
    to have a socially-distant
    reverse, SURPRISE,
    50th birthday party.

    Which means, join us all on the zooms. You might've been sent beer, so bring it. Or, bring it, regardless.

    Not only that.
    But, mfn @northrup (40!) and @cwage (41)
    Have birthdays on Wednesday and Friday.

    Where? If you know the normal Thorsdayâ„¢ Zoom, just get on there. End of day, US Eastern/Central time on 8/20/2020. Until errybody all drops off for the night.

    If you don't know the normal Thorsdayâ„¢ Zoom, just @-mention @inanedrivel on twitter with "u up?" and someone will get back to you shortly...

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