Saturday, April 25th, 2009!

You are invited to the 1,000,000th Annual, 1st never, first-come last-com , International FUTURE party, prom, old-time pickery, pig roast, Washer Championship, Karoake-thon, early-May Day, early-Memorial Day, beware the Ides of May!, April and May mega-birthday strava-gorgonzol-off( * ).

We thought of so many good reasons to have a party, we've already forgotten half of them. What we can recall:

So here's the low-down on the hoedown:

The party's @ Ben's new crib at 916 1/2 Curdwood Blvd., Nashville, TN 37216. The party proper will start up during like the evening, whatever that is (6, 7, 8, 9, ... ?), but there'll probably be things starting up earlier. If Ben gets the magic to happen there'll be some cooking going on all day.

The theme is "The Future", make of that what you will.

If you can pick, fiddle, or otherwise join in an old-time jam, bring your instrument over. We'd like to have a circle going.

There'll also be various kinds of entertainment going on -- maybe karaoke, games of skill, luck, chance, creativity, and possibly impropriety.

There will be food, but feel free to bring a dish. Feel free to bring your own booze or hooch. We are getting our invite on, but feel free to invite those people you know who make for the fun of times, don't destroy the furniture, and have this strange problem where their cash keeps falling out of their pockets in wads of small unmarked non-sequential bills everywhere they go...

(*) Management does not warrant the gorgonzola, the gorgons, the mazola, crayola, the gonzo, nor the hula. Management cannot indemnify time travellers, time haters, player haters, hayer platers, party-goers, attendees, pickers, placers, punters, tossers, kickers, or wanks, nor be held liable for damages or injuries arising from the utilization, ostracization, or misuse of the gorgonzola, other cheeses, spray-on cheese products, string cheese (with or without incident), or post-pasteurized hydrogenated hygronomated hieronymous (bosch) cheese food product, whether such cheeses and/or cheese foods predate this or any other applicable agreements, notwithstanding the lack (or lax, loch, lake, lick, and/or lactose) of gorgonzola or other similar or differing cheese or non-cheese food, food derivative, food by-product, or food candidate, heretofore and above defined, denied, decried, DeVry'd, or similarly mis-, under-, or over-educated, without the supervision of a participating Rabbi during the cheese koshering process, all rights reserved, and the home of the brave, (viz., c.f., e.g., i.e., et al) nomine patris, filii, et spiritus sancti, amen.