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5001 indiana ave, nashville, tn 37209

(*) Invitation does not constitute an offer or solicitation for services, salicylate for sure vices, contract, agreement, nor partnership for work-for-hire, work-for-play, slack-for-hire, slacks higher, church of Slack, multi- or mono-Bob™, Church of the SubGenius (in whole or in part), Alonzo Church nor any other mathematical or religious denomination, sect, caste, tribe, party (unless as congregation for leisure), not limited or adhering to political affilication, co-operation, consternation, non-co-operation, satyagraha, santa-graha, sangria, spiritu-santo, santa maria, niña, pinta (or otherwise), unless heretofore designated seaworthy by a tribunal of (in)competent standing, sitting, lying prostrate, whether in writing or engaged in Acts of Daring, Acts of God, Speed Contests, (w)reckless and/or lewd endangerement, duh and/or hello Lana, inside or outside or merely adjacent to the premises of the Danger Zone, Thunder Dome, or premises on which a Roller Derby is concurrently being conducted under the supervision of qualified (in/de)structors, whether for fun or profit, as recognized under the laws of the State of Tennessee, the United States of America, an international Tribunal of consummate taste and/or inelectible beat synchrony; hereafter referred to as "DubStep", coincident or non-occurring with regularly or irregularly licensed performances or digital and/or analog playback of Skrillex, Modeselektor, Bonobo, or that godawful Arnold Schwarzenegger weight-lifting instructional video with the Journey "Don't Stop Believin'" audio track, with or without taunting by an @jbarnette or other representatives of NOLA, Hubot, The Danger Room, or /rohan me, without consent or permission of or other similar or dissimilar obfuscation and vandalization services. ALL DAT CRUNK SHALL BE UNSUPERVISED AND AT CRUNKEE'S OWN RISK. Please make a note of it. /cc, #realtalk, i.e., e.g., viz., c.f., QED. © 1945, Sasquatch Eating a Burrito Records, Limited, LLC., Esq. No soup for you.

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