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    T*H*E ** W*H*I*S*T*L*E*D*O*W*N ** I*S ** U*P*O*N ** U*S


    Wednesday, November 20th, 2019; as early as 6pm; until too late for a school night.


    Let's see...
    The International Ruby Conference, 2019 is in Nashville this year!
    The Bikeshed (who are buying all the beer!), version 4.0, is celebrating it's 2nd anniversary!
    Nico's birthday!
    Allen and Emily got hitched!!!
    "Cousin Stef" moved all the way to Nashville!
    Our favorite brewer just won a Silver medal at the Great American Beer Fest (try the beer at the party!)!
    Chuck finally quit his job and moved on to greener pastures!
    L. Ron HODL, Incorporated is now open for business!
    Whistles are a-blowin'!
    Our long national nightmare has finally begun again!
    Belated Guy Fawkes day!
    We had a pretty awesome Halloween!
    So many people are in town visiting!
    Have you heard about my lord and saviour the untitled goose game?
    Whistling in the dark
    Whistling in the dark
    Whistling in the dark
    Whistling in the dark
    Whistling in the dark
    And so I'm having a wonderful time, but I'd rather be whistling in the dark
    And that's be you, be what you're like, be like yourself
    And I've often been told that you only can do what you know how to do well
    There's only one thing that I know how to do well

    Write an epistle
    Hum some King Missile
    Put down in your thistle
    Whet your whistle

    Polish your wings
    Bring your things


    5001 indiana ave, nashville, tn 37209

    Food: There will be food,
    with vegan / gluten free and veggie options available.
    Beer: The Bikeshed has sponsored our selection of East Nashville Beer Works beers, including:
    • The Award winning Cumberland Punch
    • The grievance
    • Hipster dance party
    • Krautrock
    • Miro Miel
    • Brut Willis
    Accessibility notes:
    • Bus routes: #50 stop three blocks away at 51st and Charlotte. #19 stops five blocks away at Tennessee and 51st, though if you keep riding it, you'll eventually show up by 51st N Taproom / The Nation's Bar and Grill and can just get out there half a block away.
    • There are two buildings on site. The building in the front has two steps up to both front and side entrances. The building in the back has ground floor access and a second floor that is accessed by stairs. There is a large backyard with a paved section.

    I don't need no wheels, I don't need no gasoline, cuz the wind that is blowing is blowing like a smoke machine.

    © 2525, The Nashram Society, adherant to all successors and assigns, parties, counterparties, slumber parties, concerned parties, after parties, hotel lobbies, and generally just going up to the room to hit that cashed bowl when the champagne is all drank; does hereby and henceforward, without prior limit nor constraint, nor malice or Alice aforethought (and nary an afterthought), discourage and disgorge with discord (Brit., dischord), en voyage and engorge with encores ([sic] (([semper tyranis])) (car cdr caddr (map fn () (if (t nil) (nil t))))), and remit under terms enforced by governing agreements and covenants (with or without associated Ark(s) in evidence) in accordance with the law of the (Late (Great)) State(s) of Tennessee, Madagascar, sobriety, or sufficiency, all debts public or private, e pluribus unum, so help us Zod, for thine is the kingdom the power and the glow sticks; as outlined in section J, subsection iii, part b, and participle "am partying", as amended, those rights not explicitly granted to Congress shall devolve to the Citizenry, particularly the partygoers, whistleblowers, lawn mowers, mammary show-ers, grammary flow-ers; in accordance with the principles of stare decisis, we find that the relevant citation is to ROLLER-ICE, INC. et al. v. SKATING CLUBS OF GEORGIA, INC. (192 Ga. App. 140) (384 SE2d 235), henceforth refer to THE SOCIETY as "Sparkles" in further proceedings; with neither party (parties) nor go-ers (flow-ers) acting as fiduciary, proxy, representative, pro se, po-e-tray, attorney in fact, de jure, demure, Demi Moore, or Bruce (or Brut) Willis, for a limited time only, par value $0.0001, not valid in all juridictions (Michigan $0.10, however), some settling may occur (never settle), unless pre-empted by Act of God, games of chance, or (4 minutes to) Wapner, all claims subject to underwriting and assessment. I mean, the beer is free, for Chrissakes. Just don't worry about it, and limit surfing down the stairs on cafeteria trays to max like 3 trips per "person". Capisce? My lawyer might even be at the party. Talk about potential conflicts of interest!

    a nashram joint