Here's a little bit about the folks who're helping to put this party on:

The Bikeshed (LLC) -- I think the Bikeshed is at iteration 4.0 now? What started as a few GitHub remote employees sharing co-working office desks eventually evolved into leased office space with plenty of room and all the amenities. Centuries of combined software, security, and operations (Dev, DevOps, DevSecOps, DevSockHops, No-ops, Whoo-ops, SoCalRedBullHopStopDeadHeadEtc.) experience under one roof (er, ceiling of push-up tiles and stuff), the Bikeshed over the years has hosted employees from GitHub, GitLab, Ripple, Heroku, Salesforce, Puppet, NationBuilder, Auth0, StackStorm, and so on, as well as from various consultancies, and also various freelancers. The Bikeshed is providing the beer, as well as a number of scintillating personalities on display for your entertainment.

L. Ron HODL (Inc.) -- A boutique femto-consultancy specializing in software development, business consulting, and nodding knowingly while saying "yeah, that can happen; here, let's put together a plan to move forward." The HODLers are a part of the Bikeshed community, and are here to provide you with insights as well as barbecue. Have a running system and need to know what you've got under the hood? Consider hitting up L. Ron HODL for a comprehensive audit.

The Nashram Society -- What is there to say about Nashram that hasn't already been said about the intersection of Internal Combustion theory with dialectical analysis of the Visuddhimaga? "What?", "If you say so", and "Uhhh-huh." pretty much cover it. But seriously, folks. Anyway. But really, it's part living space, part loose collective, part ideas inspired by Himalayan communities and philosophies around group work, "Sramdan", etc. I mean, we do stuff together sometimes and we've thought about things and sometimes do those things. I mean, sometimes. Soooo, it's like whatever this group is that's providing the place to be. Anyway, it means you can enjoy your time with us and just be whatever you need to be is all.