Andre 3000 and HAL 9000 Invite YOU to 5001: A SPACE ODYSSEY!!!


your robots!
your robots' robots!
your mom's robots!
and everyone else down you know!

they're ready -- are you???



where / when:

5001 indiana avenue, nashville, TN, 37209

Saturday, August 27th, 20111

7 pm till ...

Get your paperwork in early, and reserve your place today!

You can also RSVP on
the Facebook event page!


we like you!


just drop on by. stay as long as you like. you can probably figure out when it's time to go.
(*) Management does not warrant Hal, halite, halide, Halitosis, Halloween, Hal Mumme, Oh Hell No, Halliburton, Halibut (or similar or dissimilar seagoing or land-locked fish, fish foods, fish-stuff, fish sticks/stix, Sunday fish fries, Krunkfish, Kingfish, kings of {fish, Leon, jungle, sea, etc., et al, id est, quid pro quo, ad infinitum, ex ante, e pluribus unum, auntie em, antidiluvianitarianism, anti-matter, Anne Hathaway, In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, RIP Amy Winehouse, Ann Boleyn}), Halifax, Nova Scotia, lox, pox (on your houses, or domiciles, rental properties, and/or investment/timeshare vehicles), rocks, rolls, moss gathering stones, and other fill material, granite, garnets, marmite, marmots, David Mamet, Claude Monet, Janelle Monae, Mayonnaise, vegannaise, or erstwhile dairy/non-dairy or diamond-alike semi-precious jewels; any issues or side-effects caused by proper or improper re-entry, re-calibration, consumption or non-consumption of space oddities, or soundtrack likenesses thereof, contact or non-contact with aquemini, hegemony, monotony, autonomy, lobotomy, phlebotomy, the bottom 'me, debauchery, re-bauchery, three-bauchery, tree-bauchery, bacchus, back-you, back dat up, crank that up, hit that up, or get it up; whether in commission or non-commission of aeronautical or astronautical navigation, consecration, constipation, conflagration, capitulation, capitalization, or other games of skill, sport, speed, or reckless endangerment; partygoers shall not be held indemnified nor unindemnified for acts of malice, forethought, lack of foresight, palace music, alice coltrane, alice in chains (RIP Layne Staley), variations in atmospheric pressure, coloring, uniformity, uniforms, uninformity, unicorns, jewnicorns (hi, Yossef!), jamiroquai, Gemini, the geminids, perseids, leonids, delta aquarids, eye lids, tupperware lids, and/or but not limited to skoal can lids; prince albert in a can (let him out!), and Red Man in the pouch (or de-pouched under Rabbinical supervision); Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do, I'm half crazy all for the love of you; It won't be a stylish marriage - I can't afford a carriage, But you'd look sweet on the seat Of a bicycle built for two; party management makes no warranties or guarantees that DJ Dave, Hal, or other party officials can or cannot open the pod bay doors under normal or abnormal, pressurized, or un-pressurized conditions, nor can the location nor condition of crew members Bowman nor Poole, monoliths, anomolies, or LaGrange points in and/or around party premises. Under no circumstances shall defective monoliths be returned or be exchanged for other merchandise or refund, cash, credit, or indentured servitude.
past performance is not an indicator of future results